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Post  Mercury on Sun Sep 05, 2010 8:26 pm

First of all:
I was in a guild in Immortal Sea where we got tactic, I don't know if you know about StyleGoD, Iya, DanceInTheRain, SexyJo, WhoCare, KingPirates, xJcx ecc,,,
Well...I was in their group and their tactic were so useful so i decided to teach you:

The 1st rule in all case:
Imagine the Clock's Points in the minimap:
11 1
10 2
9 + 3
8 4
7 5

The most importart are:
12=Ng(north gate)
7=wg(west gate)
11=i forgot how that called ^^;
and 1=isle

When you need help and you think your guild can come to you and help you can call,
Example you were stunned and ur dodge and def can resist from the atker.

By the honesty and faith the players can game their gems dropped in the chests.

You have possibility to stun[who can] and kill your guild if they killing the chest u were atking with high % of their hp

Idk if you understand all this,with my bad english and complicate tactic ...
This valid in DW,BD,ABBY and KYJJ too...

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